Power transmission and its needs develop constantly. Demanding industrial applications all over the world need ever better availability, durability and safety. ATA Gears specializes in designing and implementing intelligent power transmissions to satisfy those needs. For us, being a forerunner means that we strive to go beyond our past successes and are always the first to help our customers achieve their critical success objectives. That is our lifelong vision and essentially what it means to be the preferred partner in the world of mechanical power transmission.




The maritime industry is heading for waves of change. Fierce competition is forcing shipping companies to cut their prices while ever stricter international standards require big investments in environmental technologies. Smart and autonomous shipping – no-crew concepts – and modern drive technology are the big strategic issues, and greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption are the key operative factors shaping the future on the seven seas. Better safety and security alongside optimal performance and greater energy saving through propeller design is what every shipping company needs. Mechanical power transmission must function as an integral part of marine intelligence.

Thanks to our long and versatile experience in gear design and manufacture, ATA Gears can anticipate market needs and develop the bevel and cylindrical gears that best suit the purpose. We can also produce the wide range of component diameters required by the maritime industry and our certification by all major classification societies guarantees optimal product quality. With ATA Gears, you can always rely on a complete, economical and environmentally friendly power transmission package delivered fast and right on. These intelligent solutions will demonstrate their outstanding reliability and durability under even the most extreme external conditions. ATA Gears are at the core of an ecosystem of forerunners promoting the development of the digital transformation. And helping to build the future of the whole marine industry.




Wind energy – clean, efficient and universally available – combines a light environmental footprint with security of energy supply. Our most advanced source of renewable energy.

Of course ATA has joined the global effort to take wind energy to the top in technical development and in ensuring that wind turbines worldwide convert wind power into electrical energy safely and efficiently – often in extreme conditions.  We know that wind energy needs optimally cut cylindrical gears. Manufacturing these gears in all necessary types demands state-of-the-art machines. ATA has all those machines – using 5-axis methods – and the necessary knowhow. We want to achieve the utmost reliability in gearbox technology for wind energy production. Quiet running behavior and long service life are the basics in all ATA gear solutions. We understand what’s needed when on turbine duty and the exact specifications necessary to create durable gear solutions specifically for wind energy applications.  Our proven methods are available for you to meet the industry’s high standards in accuracy and optimal gear geometry.




In steel mills, pulp and paper mills and in processes and plants of many other kinds, there is a constant drive to improve the process – yield, operating costs, availability, environmental impact. Material handling is intensive and extreme process situations demand the absolute best in reliability, speed of operation and safety. Process improvement studies are conducted regularly to assess the potential for improvement and set ROI targets. For what products is the demand greatest and the process most profitable? How to realize the mill’s or plant’s full potential? Ensure sustainability and benefit from digitalization? These are all big questions.

As a Finnish company, ATA Gears grew up with the process industries. Our bevel and cylindrical gears have been ensuring process performance in mills and plants for decades. We take pride in our expertise in the finest points and technical complexities of these demanding processes. The ongoing dialogue between data experts and process specialists is constantly shaping our power transmission offering.  Our new intelligent service solutions are our very own response to demands for millwide integration and optimization. Safety, energy efficiency and performance will always be the platform for ATA’s mechanical power transmission products. Our contribution to mill drives, coilers, shear drives and many other applications for steel making, papermaking and other processes will continue to flourish. That’s what makes ATA Gears your perfect choice for bevel and cylindrical gears.




In the extreme operating conditions of mines and quarries, availability is key. Every action and the entire line of superior technology is geared towards energy efficiency and maximized production time. There’s just no room for sudden failures and downtime. So you need partners who can supply absolutely reliable solutions to keep the plant and process up and running. It’s all about sustainability and cost: achieving the lowest total cost of ownership throughout the lifetime of the plant with minimal environmental burden.

ATA Gears’ power transmission experts are dedicated to studying the specific properties of the materials and processing methods used when crushing limestone, brick, coal and other raw materials. We know what heavy-duty demands are made on the bevel and cylindrical gears used in the crushers through the intense impact and environmental loads typical in mines and quarries. These strictly defined needs are our sole guiding principle when we deliver any gear or other power transmission solution to these highly demanding processes. We constantly seek alternative ways to overcome technical challenges and promote an open dialogue. ATA Gears are totally committed to supporting your smooth and safe operation. So you can be confident about your process and business.




For commercial vehicles, quality has always meant a low incidence of mechanical problems. While that demand will always be there, the trend in heavy-duty vehicles is towards ever greater safety and comfort, while aiming at the lowest total operating costs.

The bevel gear or cylindrical gear sets installed in rear-wheel-driven commercial vehicles must transmit a lot of power with extremely high torque. Durability and strength are high priority. The entire set of mechanical power transmission must be absolutely reliable and perform optimally. Although low maintenance is the built-in target, the power transmission supplier must maintain a high standard of service.

ATA Gears take no chances with their bevel and cylindrical gear sets and other intelligent power transmission solutions. Every new innovation must prove its worth at our test bench facility. We even forcibly break gears so we know just how much they can withstand.
We take pride in supplying every vehicle with a great power transmission product, and that the customer gets it exactly as promised.




Drilling equipment must go all the way. And in addition to the ever-increasing demands for efficiency, the power transmission units responsible for their performance should be as compact as possible. Low friction for quiet and safe running is currently a top trend, reliability and durability in a rigid machine structure always a welcome advantage.

ATA Gears has been exploring alternative ways to overcome technical challenges to meet the needs of companies in this highly demanding industry. Our gear design and production process has been developed to be both individual and flexible. We can supply a wide variety of bevel and cylindrical gears – also in small lot sizes. We share your commitment to heavy-duty drilling. With intelligent mechanical power transmission solutions by ATA Gears, you can be sure of powerful and reliable performance under extreme conditions.




In the future, with high population density, people will be looking to get from point A to B as quickly as possible rather than taking a journey using just a car or just by rail. We want to solve mobility problems and rail will play an increasing role.

Growing environmental and climate protection requirements are pushing designers of rail technology to top speed. Rail transport already has a good environmental and climatic record, but companies in the industry are investing heavily in research and development in order to be prepared for the increasing demands of the future. In addition to lightweight design of rail motor units, they focus their efforts on developing components and drive systems with even lower emissions and greater energy efficiency. ATA Gears are part of this development, because although more and more trains will become driverless, they will not be driveless!

The powertrains in rail vehicles must meet very exact requirements regarding minimized noise, maximixed power transmission and long service life. Digitalisation has emerged as the key driver for innovation to meet all those demands and is a guiding principle at ATA, too, alongside with IoT and convergence technologies. Technical design and functionality of the bevel and cylindrical gears must come together in the best possible manner. An example of this is the tramway being built in Tampere, ATA’s home town. The Tampere tram will be modern, energy efficient and have high performance. Joystick, buttons and touch screen for the driver, safe and pleasant to travel for the passengers. The local environment and climate have been taken into consideration in the best possible way. Each tram has 8 gear units and all axles pull. The aim is enhanced passenger experience in all possible ways.