Since the dawn of industry, TAKRAF has served its customers with high-precision, high-value mechanical components for mining and material handling machines. TAKRAF has actively expanded its range and product portfolio, offering not only a great product for a single purpose, but also products that further coordinate with other equipment throughout the process line, always with expert support for the customer to optimize operations.

Takraf case

Reputation earned through years in the business

Starting from ironworks nearly 300 years ago at the dawn of the world’s heavy industry, the company advanced with the times and by the early 1800s was firmly established in mechanical engineering. The year 1874 was a milestone in the company’s history, with the introduction of lignite mining equipment manufacture.

Today, TAKRAF is well known worldwide for its bucket-wheel excavators, semi-mobile crushing plants and heap leach systems and is an uncontested global leader in surface mining equipment and components.

Long-term and far-reaching support

More than a simple purchase of a well-made bucket-wheel excavator or a crushing plant, mining requires long-term consideration of both equipment operation and costs.Matthias Gnilke, Director of TAKRAF’s Lauchhammer branch responsible for Technical Services and Fabrication, explains that “large-scale mining requires huge investments and commitment over long periods of time, under ever more difficult mining conditions”.

This is why TAKRAF provides not only quality equipment with reliable operation, but also ensures optimized running costs. “With these solutions, TAKRAF supports mining companies to balance capital and operation expenditures according to their specific needs,” adds Mr. Gnilke.

Lauchhammer – Real services for the customer

The Lauchhammer branch rises to meet today’s challenges and remains at the center of actual production in this competitive global industry. Mr Gnilke explains that “the closeness of engineering, fabrication and after-sales services at one location is clearly a strength” in keeping manufacturing competitive in a globalized world and mature industrial environment.

TAKRAF strives to fulfill the customers’ needs throughout the lifecycle of equipment and mining processes, and thus specializes in tailor-made solutions : “Customized solutions for individual components as well as for refurbishment and upgrading of existing equipment are niches that the Lauchhammer factory successfully serves,” adds Mr. Gnilke.

ATA Gears as a dependable supplier

Every component in any equipment must meet the highest quality in standards and reliability. For these TAKRAF relies on ATA Gears’ specialized bevel pinion sets. For nearly 20 years, the tailor-made gearboxes with 500 to 1500 kW power have successfully met the challenges.

ATA strives constantly to keep its promises of quality, delivery lead times and unbeatable customer care. According to Mr. Gnilke, ATA Gears is unbeatable with these goals and helps TAKRAF fulfill its industrial needs through their “reliable delivery times, continuous high quality and effective engineering support”.

Sustainability in action

Over the years, TAKRAF’s and ATA’s engineers have developed deep and fruitful cooperation. The relationship works both ways; ATA is proud to supply such a reputable company on the global market, and TAKRAF can depend on the best quality spiral bevel gears delivered to specifications – on time, every time.

According to Mr Gnilke, key considerations today are energy efficiency and environmental footprint. Like ATA Gears, TAKRAF takes environmental issues seriously and works to meet the ecological challenges and minimize the environmental burden as we move towards the future.

Thanks to companies like TAKRAF and ATA, we can be assured that the mining industry will continue its development towards a more productive and greener future.