As means for mechanical power transmission, cylindrical gears and splines are used basically everywhere. A thorough knowledge of the manufacturing processes and methods to produce these components is crucial to meet the high requirements of the power transmission industry.

cylindrical gears and splines

ATA Gears produces cylindrical gears and splines for all kinds of applications using both conventional tooth cutting methods (e.g. hobbing and shaping) as well as 5-axis methods. Using 5-axis milling methods can give significant benefits when costs and lead time for conventional tooling are high and might pose a potential problem for project schedules. No tooling limitations thanks to 5-axis methods: We can make any tooth type and size. Also, when not all tooth forms and shaft layouts are feasible with conventional machines, 5-axis machining avoids most of these limitations as well.

ATA’s cylindrical gear production methods and knowhow are based on the years of development and experience with 5-axis methods for bevel gears.  These highly flexible methods enable efficient manufacturing solutions.

Whatever your special needs, however tight your project schedules and however atypical your gear design – you can always consult ATA’s Gear Doctors!

cylindrical gear production

Our assembly times were greatly reduced!


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