The environmental goals, risk factors and guidelines of ATA Gears were defined back in the early 2000s and our Environmental Management System was already audited and certified by DNV in 2013. So sustainability and environmental footprint are nothing new to us. But ATA’s aim is to raise environmental awareness and sustainable action throughout its operations, for example by improving the circulation degree even further.

Circular or continuous economy: Essentially this means that at ATA we want to get rid of waste both as a term and as a fact. The same supplies can be used many times over and in several phases. For example, machine lubrication oils are cleaned by particle filtration to extend their useful life… The packaging materials used in subcontractors’ packages are reused for protecting objects in transit between ATA’s factories… The excess heat from our heat treatment process is used in the local district heating production process… surely something that benefits everyone, at a very personal level.

And our aim is to make the circulation degree in our operation better and better and help our customers do the same, for example with ATA ReViveTM, an advanced re-manufacturing and re-engineering service offering a viable alternative to a new component – essentially reducing power transmission lifecycle cost and environmental impact.

ATA’s operations must meet rigorous moral and ethical requirements and this is increasingly important to our customers and partners worldwide. Our policy is to take full responsibility. And to make that happen takes both you and me.

Marko Nummi, Production Director