The best raw materials, state-of-the-art design, engineering tools and know-how, in-house heat treatment, fine-machining and super-finishing: That’s what’s behind all ATA Gears’ solutions and deliveries. But even that is not all. You could almost say that it takes just about as many quality factors to make a bevel gear as that gear has teeth.

A bold statement? Well, let’s take a closer look at the issue. So here goes…


On classification

In addition to the customer and the manufacturer, gears and other mechanical power transmission components are usually also assessed by a third party, a classification society, to validate their compliance with detailed and precise quality criteria. During the validation process the customer applies for, receives and provides the classification approval required for the bevel gears to be introduced on site. This is to ensure that the plans, drawings and specifications match the end use requirements.

ATA and its customers have practical options to expedite the classification process. These include the latest digital tools for documentation and type approvals for the equipment used. And most importantly, an open and constructive dialogue with all concerned.  ATA’s Gear Doctors and the decision- makers at the classification society know each other personally, and have continuous discussions on development and interpretation. And fortunately there are efficient tools and software to improve communication between the classification society, its clients and suppliers, such as the ABS Eagle Engineering Manager.

Going the extra mile to improve standards 

Numerous companies ranging from material manufacturers, forgers, steel mills, gear manufacturers and thruster manufacturers have contributed their unique expertise and experience to help establish new material standards and answer important questions about any quality irregularities.

By seizing the opportunity for maximal co-operation with research experts and adopting emerging technologies to strengthen both external standards and internal rules and solve these industry problems, ATA Gears continues its involvement with several research efforts, such as the MISTER TIFF project or ‘Material with Improved Specification to Enhance Resistance against Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture’.  ATA’s Gear Doctors are currently involved in developing a new ISO standard for bevel gear strength calculations. The most impressive results have recently been achieved with our own test bench and research together with our customers.


Research work that never ceases

Just like you, we the ATA Gear Doctors understand that quality is in the details, and every detail matters to ensure the best hard wearing and high-quality gears for demanding applications.

We therefore took on the responsibility for the basic research work and have gained valuable insights into fundamental questions in material and fatigue properties. We have supported and furthered several research projects with our positive approach and this has helped us to share and progress continuously for the benefit of our customers. And we shall continue to do so.






Tami Komssi, ATA’s Sales Director