ATA Gears and Woorim Machinery Co., Ltd, a Korean company which has been focusing on gear and speed reducers for the past 40 years, are proud to combine their expertise to serve POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Company), in 2020 ranked the 6th largest steel producing company in the world (according to

The recent delivery by ATA and Woorim was to POSCO’s hot steel rolling mill and comprises two sets of supersize bevel gears: 2 bevel pinions 1700mm in diameter and 2 bevel gears 2900mm in diameter. The gears are to be used in a maintenance operation to enable the POSCO mill and its highly dedicated team to continue working 24/7.

Headquartered in Pohang, South Korea, POSCO has been Woorim’s loyal customer for more than 20 years and ATA Gears started helping them in 2019 with special emphasis on technical design for gear tooth contact. The cooperation with ATA Gears is part of Woorim’s extension of its R & D investment aiming to create more value with new technology. This highly target-oriented effort is set to exceed clients’ expectations and strengthen the company’s position in the global market. And those objectives are well shared by ATA Gears.

”Of course we are very pleased about this cooperation. Steel products are the core of Korea’s industry and economy, the main industries being automotive and shipbuilding, employing millions of people in Korea, and also very important to the world economy as a whole,” says Mr. Jukka Helldan, Key Account Manager at ATA Gears.

Mr. Benjamin W. Han from Woorim’s Management Innovation Team proclaims his satisfaction with the ATA cooperation: ”We are satisfied with ATA’s technical specialty and ethics. 
The manufacturing schedule of these huge gears in ATA was on time, but the transportation schedule has been delayed by cancellation of air freight. This delay was caused by COVID-19 and so quite beyond of our control.

Woorim Machinery boasts an undying competitive and creative spirit and with his six years at Woorim and today in charge of overseas marketing and global sourcing, Mr. Han takes a positive view of the future: “The two companies, Woorim and ATA Gears, are determined to find opportunities to expand their cooperation.”

”We are satisfied with ATA’s technical specialty and ethics.”

About POSCO:

  • The first integrated steel mill in Korea
  • Produces 41 million tons of crude steel a year
  • Production and sales in 53 countries in the world
  • Building a Better Future Together. is their slogan

POSCO has continued to contribute to the development of mankind through endless innovation and development projects in technology, and has become the most competitive steel maker in the world.


Did you know?
Woorim has the largest mobile gear grinding line in Korea allowing the processing of gears up to 6 meters in diameter.