ATA ReVive™

An advanced remanufacturing and reengineering service specially developed by ATA’s Gear Doctors

ATA ReViveTM helps fix and restore the capabilities of existing gears in your power transmission, and it could actually be the most cost-efficient alternative, for example during maintenance shutdowns – up to 70% lower costs than with new gears can be achieved.

Although complex events require specialized planning and efficient execution, a shutdown can be planned ahead. In most cases, condition analysis pinpoints equipment needing proactive maintenance. When measures are targeted at mechanical power transmission, ATA ReViveTM is an alternative to a new component to ensure the smooth operation of your machines and process far into the future.

The service always starts with an accurate assessment of the condition of the bevel gears, followed by root cause identification and optimizing analysis. Meaning that the new gear might be even better than the original. ATA ReViveTM is also a great solution for new applications. Sustainable results have been achieved both in terms of safety and quality for customers seeking to optimize resources and reduce costs.


Restore, reuse, repurpose.

Up to 70% lower costs than with new gears.

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