“Our most personal sustainability pledge is to the people growing amongst us.”

ATA Gears has been a kind of godfather or godmother to the Atala primary school now for more than 15 years. Every year the Principal of the school Ms. Ilona Pasma and ATA’s Marketing Manager Mr. Timo Reunanen sit down together and brainstorm for the joint “thing” for the year.

“Our fifth graders have visited ATA’s factory and people from ATA have come to tell the pupils about different kinds of work and jobs. And this year, Timo, himself a dedicated sportsman, encouraged that we organize a track and field event at the sports field in Vehmainen.” explains Ilona Pasma.

“For us at ATA, cooperation with future generations has become more and more important.”

There are many ways to act sustainably for an industrial company: To be as energy efficient as possible, control and audit its suppliers’ operations… All those apply to ATA as well,” explains Timo Reunanen and continues: “For us at ATA, cooperation with future generations has become more and more important. Offering several summer jobs to technical university students, visits and lectures at schools of various status, and this godfather activity, those are our ways to live up to the sustainability pledge in real life,” Timo Reunanen continues.

ATA Games 2019-1 - Ata Gears

Information about Atala school: Grades 1–6 with altogether over 400 pupils, established in 1987, principal Ms. Ilona Pasma.

Information about ATA’s cooperation with the Atala primary school: Every year organizing one major event for the pupils – people from ATA attending the school and telling about their activity, visits by older pupils to ATA factories, sports events.